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Inside Budget Analyst Careers

Things you need to know, but nobody tells you


Biggest Surprises

"Teamwork And Meeting Balance...
I was surprised at the amount of teamwork involved in the work. I would estimate that about 60 percent of my time is spent working in teams. In addition, I am surprised at the fact that there are so many meetings. About 20% of each day is spent in meetings." (Business Analyst; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in Michigan, male
School: Studied BBA at Michigan in Michigan; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Budget Analyst: "The best part of my career is knowing that I am doing a job that helps with the health and well being of the residents of my state. We request funding for things that are very important, things like TB prevention. I like accounting, so it is very satisfying to have a job I enjoy. The worst part of my job is when I have to tell an employee that we have to let them go because we did not receive enough funding." (2011)

Career Background

Budget Analyst

  Job Tasks
  Work Environment
  How to Prepare for the Job
  Job Outlook

Career Tips

"Career Consideration...
You should work at a large company to get a good view of a lot of things. This will allow you to get an idea of what your passion is, and thus allow you to pursue it." (Business Analyst; 2013)

"Consider Job Potential Not Just Salary...
If you want to do well as a Budget Analyst take as many accounting and finance courses as you can. Work hard in school and get good grades because a lot of companies now ask for an official transcripts from you college. When you are getting into the industry, do not just look at the salary. Look at the potential of the job. When you have potential jobs in mind, always ask yourself, "is this a job I can be happy doing and is this an organization I like?"" (Budget Analyst; 2011)