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"Sales Skills Are Equally As Important As Technical Expertise In My Career...
In audiology, how well you can sell hearing aids almost always factors into how successful you are. I own my own business, so my bottom line is directly impacted by my sales skills. In previous audiology jobs I've held, the sale of hearing aids has impacted my pay rate, and the likelihood that I'll keep my job." (Audiologist; 2013)

Career: 13 years of experience, currently based in Maine, female
School: Studied Audiology at California State University, Northridge in California; completed Master degree in 2000

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Audiologist: "The best part of my job is interacting with patients. It can also be the worst. I have met lots of really nice people and get the satisfaction of knowing I can help them improve their communication skills which will improve their quality of life. Most people are grateful and let you know you have done something that's improved their lives. Some people can be difficult and grouchy, and don't listen to sound advice." (2010)

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"Sales Skills Help In Most Professions - Including Healthcare...
Even if it's not required as part of your degree, find a way to learn how to sell. No matter what your career, selling things - whether it's products, services, or even your own ideas - will probably be important." (Audiologist; 2013)

"Consider Part Time Work...
Be willing to start part-time in a job you might be interested in. It may evolve into full-time employment. Make sure you are the type of individual who really would rather work with people than be behind a desk. You will work with instrumentation and computers as well, but good people skills are a must." (Audiologist; 2010)