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Dental Repair Service Technician: "The best part about my job is that get to travel frequently and get to make a lot of friendships in my territory. I also really enjoy the daily challenge of troubleshooting and problem solving. The down side can be the same issues, as travel sometimes takes you out of town early or late and makes those waiting at home eager to see you. Troubleshooting can lead to misdiagnosis and doctors lose money when their equipment is down. They depend on me to keep them up and running, so there is some pressure." (2011)

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Dental Technician

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"Need To Be Mechanically Inclined...
This position is for the mechanical inclined only, as this field needs thinkers and those able to understand how machines and equipment work. A background in electrical, carpentry and plumbing would also help as we tend to do a little of each and the more you know, the more you can do. The more you are able to do the more doctors will want you in their offices taking care of their needs. That is really the key to this job." (Dental Repair Service Technician; 2011)