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"I was surprised to find out how few minorities are involved in this field. This filed is very rewarding as far as pay and the work is not hard at all." (Nuclear Med Tech; 2013)

Career: 4 years of experience, female
School: Studied Nuclear Medicine at University Alabama in Alabama; completed Bachelor degree in 2008

"I work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at a cardiologist office performing myocardial perfusion imaging (stress test). As a medical radiographer, I never thought that I would want the one on one patient care and enjoy the field as much as I do. I love performing stress test and love my patients. Its a wonderful career! Its definitely hard work but if you love what you do, that's what matters! I am currently studying to take the registry for nuclear medicine." (Medical Radiological Technician; 2013)

Career: 7 years of experience, currently based in Mississippi, female
School: Studied Medical Radiology at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Mississippi; completed Associate degree in 2006

"Saturation Of The Field Leads To A Lack Of Jobs And Lower Pay...
I am surprised about the lack of jobs in the field due to saturation due to too many schools. I am also surprised about the decline in compensation because of the saturation, salaries have gone down a lot." (Nuclear Medicine Technologist; 2013)

Career: 5 years of experience, currently based in Vermont, male
School: Studied Nuclear Medicine Technology at University Of Vermont in Vermont; completed Bachelor degree in 2008

"I was surprised to find that this career track is now entirely dependant upon being a non-contractual freelancer. Those with family, roots, or unwillingness to travel from job to job all over the nation need not apply." (Nuclear Medicine Technologist; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in North Dakota, male
School: Studied Nuclear Medicine at Southeast Technical Institute in South Dakota; completed Associate degree in 2006

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"Choose A Different Career...
Choose a different field because you wont find a job and if you do the salary will be lower than you think" (Nuclear Medicine Technologist; 2013)

"Show Compassion...
Try very hard to work on your interpersonal skills and being compassionate. In this filed you deal with a lot of patients who are diagnosed with life threatening diseases and sometimes they just need someone to act like they care." (Nuclear Med Tech; 2013)

"Pursue Advanced Programs Right Away...
If you decide to take a 2 year program for medical radiography and want to advance to CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, or Mammography, I suggest to go to that program and start studying as soon as you graduate from radiography. This makes things much easier, because once you start working its hard to try to go back to further your education." (Medical Radiological Technician; 2013)