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Field Training Manager: "The best part of the job is being remote - not having to drive in traffic, especially in poor weather or travel across the country - and teach/deliver information about an exciting career. It is also exciting to teach someone in a new role (job/career) and watch him/her understand and transform into a star! The opposite can also happen, where the rookie just doesn't understand the business, commit the time to learning the business or does not have the skills necessary to ultimately be a sales person and/or fail." (2011)

Learning And Development Consultant: "The best of my job is working with people and seeing that the training we do is having an impact on how they behave at work (and sometimes at home). It is very gratifying to find that you are helping the participants in a class as well as companies see business results because of the work we've done. The thing I hate most is the constant pressure to bring in more business while you are trying to manage the accounts you have. Most good business comes from referrals and not cold leads but increasingly we are being asked to respond to RFPs- which are very time consuming to complete and often result in no new business." (2011)

Software Quality Assurance: "My favorite part of the job is teaching. I enjoy doing all the research to figure out the subject that I need to teach. Then I put together a presentation that I share. After teaching, there is a lot of follow-up with people who have questions. I like this part best because I get to work one-on-one with people to help answer questions or solve their problems. The part of the job I like least is all the reporting that we have to do. As in any big company, there are weekly status reports that you have to create to give your manager. It's a summary of all the things you did during the week. Part of this is also recording all the time you spent on the different projects." (2010)

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"Lots Of Phone Time...
A career in recruiting means spending 90% of the work day on the telephone, and at least 75% of the time being rejected. So make sure you like talking to people and being on the telephone. The payoff however is unlimited as the positions are generally 100% commission. It is advised that people starting in a 100% commission business have at least 6 months in resources to get them through the start up phase. I think in order to be an effective trainer the person must have personal experience in the role they are teaching." (Field Training Manager; 2011)

"Work In Sales First...
Have at least 5 years of experience on the job of a salesperson or successful individual contributor before thinking of entering these field. Take courses in effective presentations and facilitation skills. To be a consultant you have to be able to tolerate and inconsistent income. There is no salary to this job. You either get paid when you sell something or you get paid when you facilitate something" (Learning And Development Consultant; 2011)

"Don't Be Afraid To Move Around...
1. Make sure that you enjoy what you are doing. When you first start a job it can be hard and you won't have much fun. But if you still are not having fun after a year, you need to find another job. 2. You don't have to take a job doing what you studied in college. After 2 or 4 years in college, you may find that the subject you enjoyed studying isn't something you enjoy doing every day. 3. Change jobs while you're young! It used to be that big companies liked people who were around for 20-30 years. Now big companies like people who have a varied background and have tried different careers." (Software Quality Assurance; 2010)