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Biggest Surprises

"The More Time You Do Well In School The Better Your Outcomes Will...
the best advice I can give is to go to school and do good in school pay attention for yourself and do things for you rather then others. try to find work as well going to school and working will help in long run" (Business Sales; 2014)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in California, male
School: Studied Business at Palomar College in California; completed Associate degree in 2012

"Always Have A Smile On, Because Someone Is Always Watching...
The overall mental toll for being a Customer Service Manager can be overwhelming at times. You have to make that you are not taking anything personally from customers and from co-workers. Everything at work is about business and not yourself. Some people don't understand that." (Systems Analyst; 2014)

Career: 7 years of experience, currently based in Michigan, male
School: Studied Radio And Television at Wayne State University in Michigan; completed Bachelor degree in 2006

Best & Worst Things About This Career

NYS Licensing Examination Technician: "The worst parts are having to be a supervisor to sometimes I feel a group of babies. I have to do counseling sessions and then do counseling memos to follow up on the counseling session. I feel that could all be avoided if they just did their job as asked. The best part is I really like the people I work with, not necessarily the ones I supervise. Being a supervisor I do work with a large group of individuals in the department." (2011)

Account Receivable Analyst/Manager Of Customer Service: "The best part of my job is working with a wonderful group of people in and out of my office. Every day I am in contact with people who work for the same company but are located in another state. I really enjoy it when customers contact me with urgent requests and I am able to help them out. There are times when I get a bit overwhelmed with the number of urgent requests. Having too much to do can be a bit stressful but I am still grateful to have a good job and to work with great people." (2010)

Customer Service Manager: "The best part of the job is that I get to be a kind of psychologist who solves the problems that arise on a daily basis with the customers and employees. Most of the time, when well-treated, the customer will be satisfied with the outcome and that is what you want. You want the customer to come back to your facility, therefore you will do the utmost to keep them happy. The worst part of the job is when no matter what you do and how kind you've been, you can't make the customer happy. Sometimes that can be frustrating. But on the whole, the happy customers vastly outnumber the unhappy customers." (2009)

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Career Tips

"You Are Going As Far As You Take Yourself...
First, I would recommend doing an internship. I think I would be further in my career or any other had I got out there and did early networking. Don't be afraid to be who you are. Don't change or act a certain way for others. You are selling you and not someone else." (Systems Analyst; 2014)

"How To Become Successful Doing Business...
if your trying to become successful you need to work at improving your skills the better they the better you look if you want to do good in business you need to be focused on details and everything will be good" (Business Sales; 2014)

"Get A Degree To Get Ahead...
Get a college education because you will get nowhere now without one. You will meet quite a different group of people in your life that will influence you in different ways. You will realize that as you get older. We all need insurance so I am sure this position will be around for a while but everything is on computers so familiarize yourself very well with what is now and will be online." (NYS Licensing Examination Technician; 2011)

"Learn Common Office Software...
Take courses in accounting, finance, business writing, business law, tax, human resources, and business management. It is also important to be efficient in Microsoft Word and Excel and in SAP. Typing is a necessity but speed is not all that important. This position requires being detailed-oriented, well-organized, and having the ability to problem-solve and make decisions quickly." (Account Receivable Analyst/Manager Of Customer Service; 2010)

"Do You Like People...
1. Ask yourself, "Am I a people person?" Not everyone can deal with the public. 2. Treat people the same way that you would want to be treated. Never judge a person. Do not assume anything. Find out what happened from both sides. 3. Stay calm in a situation, you do not want to ignite it. Be reasonable and understanding. 4. In this type of work, you want to take Marketing courses, public relations and business management." (Customer Service Manager; 2009)