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"High Turnover Rate...
What has surprised me the most about my profession is the amount of turnover in the industry. Very few people stay with their first firm, especially if they go big 4 or other large firms. It generally only takes 2-3 years to reach a senior level which is pretty incredible, and partner can be reached in 10. I know of people who are in their mid-30s and partners of organizations." (Accountant; 2013)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in Pennsylvania, male
School: Studied Accounting at Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania; completed Master degree in 2011

"Narrowing Your Options...
I think the most surprising thing about the business profession is just how broad it is in terms of fields of work and opportunities. There are so many different types of companies who are willing to hire someone with a business degree because they know how versatile we are. For someone like me, who didn't have a clear plan when I graduated, the most difficult part of finding a job was finding one that I thought would be interesting because the opportunities were so diverse." (Project Controls; 2013)

Career: 9 years of experience, currently based in New Jersey, male
School: Studied Business Admin at Seton Hall in New Jersey; completed Bachelor degree in 2003

"Working for a small credit union, I am surprised at the number of hats I have to wear as CFO, and the number of things I keep track of. I am required to be in contact with all departments of the credit union in order to keep the books the most up to date and accurate that they can possibly be. I also have to deal with the other upper management team members to make a lot of decisions in the credit union that I had no idea a CFO had input into." (Chief Financial Officer; 2012)

Career: 4 years of experience, currently based in Texas, female
School: Studied Occupational Education at Texas State University - San Marcos in Texas; completed Bachelor degree in 2010

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"Be Open To Opportunities...
I think the best advice I received was to make sure you don't limit yourself to a specific field. Having a business degree means you'll have a lot of options in your career and you shouldn't disregard any of them." (Project Controls; 2013)

"Gain As Much Pre-Work Experience As Possible...
I would tell you to do as many internships as you can. In our profession there are many different routes you could go, even farther than just tax, audit, and assurance. There are other fields inside of those, ex: forensic accounting, that have proven to be very interesting and fulfilling." (Accountant; 2013)