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Biggest Surprises

"College Prepared For A Different Career...
Initially, I majored in Communications in order to work in advertising and/or public relations. Careers in these areas often require sales - which I was not interested in. I was very surprised that the skills I gained working part-time in college when combined with my skills I gained in college prepared me for a career in the pharma world in Quality. I started by filing papers in a temporary position for two months. Doing this allowed me to gain the knowledge needed to progress in my career." (Quality Manager; 2014)

Career: 10 years of experience, currently based in New Jersey, female
School: Studied Communication at University Of Evansville in Indiana; completed Bachelor degree in 1994

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Search Engine Evaluator: "The best part of my career is that my job is fairly simple compared to most jobs. All I have to do is compare search results. On the down side, my job is at the same time kind of tricky. Getting a grasp on how to evaluate search engine results takes time and energy. Even after getting the hang of the job, the work can sometimes be long and tiring since the only thing I do is compare results." (2011)

Quality Control Manager: "The best parts of the job are that the benefits are great and allow me to take care of my family. Cable, Internet service and phone are free and we get every channel free on three televisions. The worst part of the job is when a certain technician continues to make mistakes or do poor workmanship, we have to request that his/her company no longer give them work in our division. This means they no longer have a job." (2011)

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Career Tips

"Patience Is Needed...
Be willing to do menial tasks - such as filing papers - in order to learn more about an industry. Sometimes a little bit of knowledge and patience can go a long way." (Quality Manager; 2014)

"Take Your Training Seriously...
Anyone can become a search engine evaluator if they are motivated and patient. No specific degree is needed. Good computer skills are required. I would suggest spending more time using a computer if you don't feel you are good with one. For the most part, you will be trained for everything you need to know for the job. I would recommend taking training very seriously and trying your best because the material taught is difficult to understand." (Search Engine Evaluator; 2011)

"You Should Get Your Degree...
Even though I did not complete my college education, I would highly recommend doing that. Things are much different now and when I was younger, I was a hard worker and showed that right through the ranks when I got my first job. I am still with that company and worked my way up. It isn't that easy anymore and you really will need that education as an advantage over other applicants who won't have it." (Quality Control Manager; 2011)