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Biggest Surprises

"Presentation Is More Important Than Method...
I was surprised about the technicality of the work, where in school I had to have detailed mathematical methods, but at work it was more vague and generalized. For the most part, deadlines come first, and accuracy second." (Research Analyst; 2014)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in California, female
School: Studied Business Economics at University Of California, Santa Barbara in California; completed Bachelor degree in 2010

"Wide Scope Of Business Sales Skills...
I initially started out in IT, but a couple of factors took me out of that field. The bubble bursting in 2000's and the housing market crash. The fact that the bubble burst before I finished my degree, made me think of a new approach. I love how as a sales person I can either do my job or fail. Its different everyday. I couldn't handle sitting in front of a PC coding all day. I would lose my mind. I work in the medical device field. It took me years to get my foot in the door, but I love it. I need to get out an about. Traveling and pushing my product in my territory is my favorite part. I make my own hours and I can deal with clients on my own time. I just being in an office is trash." (Sales Manager; 2014)

Career: 7 years of experience, currently based in Florida, male
School: at New Hampshire College in New Hampshire; completed Bachelor degree in 2003

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Analyst/Surveyor: "The best part of the job is the travel - we get to see the world. The worst part is the pay, which is fairly low. Overall, the trade-off makes this the best job I've ever had. Getting paid to travel the world, dine in nice restaurants, and interact with people from all levels of society helps to shape and expand my world view; I find that each new trip pushes me to grow and learn more about myself and my potential for the future." (2011)

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Career Tips

"How To Focus...
Practice presenting and reporting material in a fast-paced environment with simple language, knowing the technical details is important for you, but not for everyone else. Gain experience doing field research work first." (Research Analyst; 2014)

"Education Increases Social Mobility...
If your going to get into a high end sales job, stay in school. You can't get your foot in the door otherwise. I worked in the insurance field for a bit, sales as well. It was not fun. Grad school degrees open up a large window for you." (Sales Manager; 2014)

"Get Involved And Ask Lots Of Questions...
Best advice I could give is to get involved in school, study/work hard to obtain good grades, and talk to everyone about what options are open around you. The more people you talk to the more you can learn. Asking questions and critically analyzing the paths of life available to you is an important part of growing. Always think forward and look ahead, while also appreciating the route that will get you there." (Analyst/Surveyor; 2011)