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Best & Worst Things About This Career

Co-Owner Small Business: "The best part of the job is working for myself. It gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to work and be home for my children when they get home from school. I also love working with my husband. It has made us excellent communicators. Worst: When you work for yourself, there is a lot of pressure to always be finding more clients. Also, since we have employees we have a big responsibility to them. Many of our employees have families to support and so we know they are relying on us to keep work coming into the business." (2009)

Career Tips

"How To Succeed As A Painting Contractor...
1. Work for at least three painting company before starting one on your own. 2. Research your competition and figure out how you are going to be different. 3. Figure out ways to differentiate yourself from other contractors, by offering faux marbre, antiquing and crackle glaze effects, for example. 4. Be sure that you and your employees present themselves cleanly and politely. You are working in people's homes and need to be very respectful of that." (Co-Owner Small Business; 2009)