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Biggest Surprises

"Kids Are Very Respectful...
What has surprised me the most is how much the kids respect you and how well behaved they are when there is a adult in the classroom." (Teacher; 2014)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in Louisiana, male
School: Studied General Studies at Southeastern Louisiana in Louisiana; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Coach, Substitute Teacher, Restaurant Server/Supervisor, Student: "The best part of my job is coaching. I enjoy practice planning and game preparation as much as I enjoy coaching during games. I especially enjoy coaching basketball and teaching the game to the great kids that I get to work with. The only really bad part of my job is trying to make it work financially. I am not really interested in teaching full-time, so I'm forced to make ends meet in various ways." (2011)

Swim Coach: "The best part of working at this job is that kids are so much fun and work really hard. I like the end of the season when all the kids compete. Whether they do well or not, there are always tons of smiles. The worst part of this job is the need to travel all over to the different meets. I have to drive myself and I'm not that good with directions. I don't have too many negative things to say about coaching. I love it." (2011)

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Career Tips

"Great With Kids...
To be successful as a teacher you must be good with the kids and have great people skills." (Teacher; 2014)

"Don't Do It For Money...
Get involved early: If you are not an athlete become a manager or volunteer assistant. Listen: Everything that a coach says or does can be taken as either a positive example or an example of something you would do differently. Do it because you love it: The reward for coaching is not a financial reward, it is rewarding because of the kids you are able to help, AND if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work." (Coach, Substitute Teacher, Restaurant Server/Supervisor, Student; 2011)

"Harder Than You Think...
If you are looking to get into coaching in any sport, make sure you know what you're getting into. It's not that easy of a commitment. You will have to deal with kids and parents and if you're not prepared, it can be overwhelming. I would say feel it out first by going to some practices and talking to some parents. Just be sure it is for you before you commit. Kids get attached to their coaches, and you don't want to disappoint them." (Swim Coach; 2011)

"Poor Salary But Still A Great Profession...
Be prepared to make very little money for the hours you put in. It is a job for people who have a passion for athletics. Do not enter the field because of the money. Early in your career, you will have to perform internships and volunteer to get experience before you can get an entry-level position. It is a great profession, but make sure you know what you are getting into prior to making this a career choice. Continuous education is a must. The science behind training is changing every day, and you must be interested in keeping up with the latest trends." (Strength And Conditioning Coach; 2010)