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Biggest Surprises

"Continued Training In Early Education Is A Must...
What surprised me the most about my profession is the need for continued training. Once you graduate with your degree, you still need hours upon hours of continuing education each year to stay up to date with all the new standards of preschools." (Preschool Administrator; 2013)

Career: 14 years of experience, currently based in Ohio, female
School: Studied Early Childhood Education at Mount Union College in Ohio; completed Bachelor degree in 2000

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Preschool Director/Teacher: "The best part of my job is being with children. They are endlessly funny and creative. A classroom is like a mini-world with it's own set of dramas and problems. My job is to help these children learn the skills they need for later learning such as working out problems with each other, being a good friend and learning how to take risks in learning. The worst part of my job is that it is very tiring and I don't feel that I have much energy at the end of the day." (2011)

Owner Of Daycare Business: "The best parts of my job are getting to play. Not many adults have jobs where they get paid to play hide and seek and freeze tag. I get to paint and color all day long. I get to read lots of books. I also have a lot of little people that look up to me every day. But it isn't all fun and games. I have to clean up and take care of all the cooking too. But that can be fun too. I don't like changing diapers too much. I don't like when children fight and yell. I don't like booboos." (2010)

Day Care Provider: "The best part of my job is seeing kids smile when they come in in the morning and when they show off to their parents and friends what they've learned in my day care. Just to see babies grow into healthy, mature, smart and independent boys and girls is rewarding for me. The worst part of my job is always having to be at my best. Even if I am sick or having a bad day, kids don't know that. You cannot take your frustration out on the children. You still have to go on with your day and take care of the little ones." (2010)

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"Expect The Unexpected In Early Education...
If you want to be successful in a career in the early education field, you must be adaptable. Things change in an instant and problems/concerns arise out of nowhere. You must always expect the unexpected because there are no two days that are alike. Coping with changes is definitely something you will want to learn right away!" (Preschool Administrator; 2013)

"Take Learning Seriously...
To be a good teacher you have to learn about children and how they learn but you also have to like learning yourself. Take a variety of classes, not just education classes so that you can be a person who takes learning seriously." (Preschool Director/Teacher; 2011)

"Do It Legally...
Anyone looking to become a family care provider in Massachusetts should abide by the law. There is a government web site that offers guidance and there is a place called "The Child Care Connection" that offers the classes you need to take to become licensed. Once you become licensed you will need to learn about handling a business. Taking business and marketing classes is always helpful. Lots of research and a love for children will be required to get you started in this business." (Owner Of Daycare Business; 2010)

"Learn How To Communicate With Parents...
1. Spend some time at a big center or pre-school. See if you like it or can handle the stress. You can do it over the summer or during school breaks. 2. Take some classes on how to talk to parents. Communication with kids' parents can be difficult. 3. If you have your own children who are part of your day care, they have to be treated like everybody else. No favorites! That can be difficult as well." (Day Care Provider; 2010)