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Best & Worst Things About This Career

Product Developer: "The best part of my work is the variety of projects I get to work on. I am constantly challenged to find solutions to technical problems. This motivates me to succeed. I enjoy seeing my products in stores. What I do not like is the fact that 70% of the products do not make it to market. A great deal of my time and effort goes into a product, even one that fails, and it hurts to see that effort go to waste." (2010)

Career Tips

"Maintain A Day Job...
1.In these economic times product development is not a stable career. 2.Do not become strictly a product developer. Do it in conjunction with something more dependable. I do most of my work at night and in my spare time. 3. Broaden your knowledge of materials and processes. Understand manufacturing processes and marketing strategies. Work in these areas for a period of time while you are learning the ropes. Do not be afraid to experiment with your own ideas. The more you do, the better you will become." (Product Developer; 2010)