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Biggest Surprises

"Time Flexibility And Communication Skills Are Key...
I think people might be surprised at just how incompetent their clients might be. It is work that takes quite a bit of patience and a high tolerance for dumb. You will have to be able to communicate effectively and appear compassionate at times with the clients you speak to. One may also be surprised at how flexible your schedule may have to be. You have to be willing to work when work is available. You may not have the standard weekend off or regular hours as in other jobs." (Certified Debt Management Professional; 2014)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in Florida, male
School: Studied Accounting at Florida Atlantic University in Florida; completed Bachelor degree in 2008

"Unethical Practices...
I was surprised by how unethical most people in the loan industry are with customers. I have been sadly surprised to see so many people take advantage of the weak." (Loan Officer; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in California, female
School: Studied Political Economy at Vanderbilt in Tennessee; completed Bachelor degree in 2010

"I Was Happy To Get A Job In My Career So Quickly...
Like the fast paced of my job and enjoy the hours." (Financial Consultant; 2013)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in Wisconsin, female
School: Studied Finance at UWO in Wisconsin; completed Associate degree in 2011

"There Is A Lot More To Counseling Than Meets The Eye...
Something that may surprise people in the psychology field is there is a lot more involved than just sitting down with a client and listening to their problems. We have to provide full treatment plans. Another thing that may surprise people in my profession is there are a lot of things we need to look out for ethics wise." (Counselor; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in Pennsylvania, female
School: Studied Psychology at Kaplan University in Pennsylvania; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

"I Rely On Mathematics More Than I Ever Thought I Would...
What surprised me is the importance of mathematics." (Banker; 2013)

Career: 12 years of experience, currently based in Michigan, male
School: Studied Business at Grand Valley State in Michigan; completed Bachelor degree in 2001

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"Practice Effective Communication And Find A Mental Hobby...
You should practice public speaking or just have more communication with others throughout your day. You will spending a lot of time speaking to others and you need to make sure you're comfortable with it. I would also advise finding a pass time that would keep one busy during down time. Some times the work can be slow and if you are in an office that does not allow extra connectivity then you will have to have some way of passing the time to focus on. It can be rather boring work and can feel a bit mentally draining. Have a way to keep your spirits up and now burn yourself out of the job." (Certified Debt Management Professional; 2014)

"Banking Advice...
If you want to become successful in banking I would study technology along with business." (Banker; 2013)

"Joy In The Work Place...
Enjoy the pay of the job also offers bonuses which is nice." (Financial Consultant; 2013)

"Pick The Right Company For You...
Anyone entering this field must be ready to be repulsed by some common practices. The best way to combat this is to pick a very strong, ethical company when starting out." (Loan Officer; 2013)

"Do It Because You Love It...
Psychology is something you have to want to do to help people, not for the money. You won't get paid well in psych, so you have to do it because you love helping people." (Counselor; 2013)