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Travel Agent: "Worst part of the job is having someone cancel their vacation for a sad reason: a death in the family or an illness. We offer travel insurance to our clients which would, for the most part, cover any losses they might incur, but many people decline the insurance with the thought that nothing is going to happen to them. However, sometimes bad things do happen. The best part of the job is seeing the look on people's faces when they pick up their vacation documents and, later, hearing about their trip when they return. It gives me great satisfaction to see their responses." (2010)

VIP Guest Receptionist: "The best part is the guests. It's always a pleasure to serve them. The majority of them are really great. The worst part is the slow days and sometimes the hours are a little crazy but seniority goes by here so quick that you will never even realize you worked these hours in the first place." (2009)

Flight Attendant: "The best part of my job is always meeting new people and talking with them. The worst part of my job is leaving my family to do my job and working many major holidays over many years." (2009)

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"Travel Yourself...
Travel whenever and wherever you can. It's the best way to learn about places so you can give your clients factual information about the places they want to travel to. Reach out to people. Networking is a big part of the travel business and most business comes from referrals and from satisfied customers. Be prepared to pay very close attention to every small detail. Details are all over the travel business. Whether it is regarding cash payments, credit card payments, passport requirements, visa requirements, inoculations, age requirements, you must be able to pay close attention to all the details." (Travel Agent; 2010)

"Don't Take Angry Guests Personally...
1) You have to be a people person to be in this job. 2) Try and remember that most of what the guests are mad about is not directly personal. Most of them are mad that they lost. The casino environment is a hard one to work in. 3) Have fun at your job." (VIP Guest Receptionist; 2009)

"Need To Accept Unusual Hours...
This is not a job for people who like their weekends and want to work 9-5, Monday through Friday. A flight attendant must work odd hours, most holidays and weekends, and be prepared to go anywhere anytime! She also has to like people, love traveling, and always be on time. Nursing, or perhaps communications and learning a second language would be good fields of study when pursuing a career as a flight attendant. I know many flight attendants who were once teachers." (Flight Attendant; 2009)