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Paralegal, Trust Officer: "The best part of the job is my daily contact with clients and their families, and working in a clean and respectful environment. I need to wear nice clothes to work and I enjoy that. The worst part is that we have a "tax season" that is extremely busy and can be stressful at times due to time constraints. We all congratulate one another when it is past and the rest of year hums along." (2010)

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Trust Officer

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Career Tips

"Seek Out An Internship In High School...
To find out if you like working in "the law" you should ask your school administrator to help you find an internship at a local law firm. We have openings for interns who are juniors or seniors in high school, all through college, and even first year law students. This will help you decide if the law is for you; there is a "culture" in a law firm that it would be hard to find out about any other way." (Paralegal, Trust Officer; 2010)