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Biggest Surprises

"Don't Overlook Marketing...
What surprised me most about being in the Fashion industry is how much marketing and negotiations is involved in getting work first, before I can put my creative talents at work. I learned that I would need the help of an agent just like in sports." (Fashion Designer; 2013)

Career: 4 years of experience, currently based in New York, male
School: Studied Fashion at Wood Tobe Coburn School in New York; completed Bachelor degree in 2009

"Contentment In The Fashion Industry...
I was surprised to find how long the hours can be at certain fashion design companies. I find a high percentage of my peers are unhappy about their current work situation within the fashion industry, and it probably relates to the long hours, low creative opportunity, and low pay. I am learning that it is very important to find a company that fits your needs." (Fashion Illustrator; 2013)

Career: 3 years of experience, currently based in New York, female
School: Studied Fashion Design at Drexel University in Pennsylvania; completed Bachelor degree in 2010

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"Sometimes, Help Is Needed...
Make sure you get enough education on how to run a business; because as a Fashion Designer you are. If it's possible save yourself time by hiring a professional like an agent; it will do wonders for your career." (Fashion Designer; 2013)