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"WOW! I Get To Have A Life Too!...
I think I was most surprised at the work life balance, I don't have to work crazy hours like some in the industry. The first example of this being an unlimited vacation and sick day policy and the second example being my boss, he left another agency in town and took a $12,000 pay decrease because the company I work for offers such great work life balance. In college I was told there would be many agency nights where I would have to spend all night at the office with no sleep. That has yet to happen." (Graphic Designer; 2013)

Career: 3 years of experience, currently based in Colorado, male
School: Studied I Did A Bachelors In Digital Art And Design And A Masters In Entertainment Business at Full Sail University in Florida; completed Master degree in 2012

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Florist: "The best parts of my job have to be hands down my brides. There is nothing like handing over their bouquets to them that i have worked so hard on to have them cry happy tears because I exceeded their expectations. The worst part of my job are the "bridezillas". Luckily I haven't had too many but when they come in and try to tell you how to do your job, there's nothing more annoying than that. I don't go into your work and try and tell you how to do your job." (2011)

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"Get Your Design Portfolio Noticed...
If you want to be successful in graphic design you need to keep up with current trends and understand the importance of presenting your work in a professional manner. I have been reviewing a lot of resumes and portfolios lately and have been very amazed at the work that looks dated by ten years and things like mobile apps not being shown in their environment. If you design a mobile website, take a screenshot of that site and Photoshop it into an iPhone or something similar so people understand the context of your work." (Graphic Designer; 2013)

"Work Long Hours And Get Paid Poorly...
Everyone thinks that doing flowers is a "fru fru" job. That it's the easiest, most relaxing job on the planet because "you get to play with flowers all day long." The pay is absolutely horrible and people complain about the cost of flowers even though it is labor intensive. If you can get past that part and are willing to put in insane hours around the holidays and never have a holiday off again, the best advise I have is to constantly try and better yourself in the industry. Always to try to grow as a designer. Trends are constantly changing so you need to be on top of it at all times otherwise you will be left in the dust." (Florist; 2011)