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Biggest Surprises

"Communication Is Not An Option.....
I am surprised over the lack of communication. One of the very core details of the job, not an option, but a requirement. I have found that there are those who prefer to go by charts, and documents rather than an employee who has spent the last 12 hours with patients, and not everything is to be documented. Very surprised at the reports that I get at times, and I often go searching for answers to questions in which they sometimes can only be answered by a staff member who is long gone after clocking out. Very frustrating." (CNA; 2013)

Career: 15 years of experience, currently based in Virginia, female
School: Studied Nursing at LFCC in Virginia; completed Certificate degree in 1999

"Not All People Have Gratitude...
I was surprised at the number of senior citizens that have some form of Alzheimer's. I was also surprised about dealing with family members of the patient or resident. I thought everyone would be nice and have gratitude to your for taking care of a loved one but that is not the case, some people can be very mean." (Nurse Assistant; 2013)

Career: 13 years of experience, currently based in Utah, female
School: Studied Practical Nursing at Mountainland Applied Technologies in Utah; completed Certificate degree in 2011

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Nurse: "The best part of my job is the rewarding feeling that I get by giving to someone who can't do for himself, or helping the patients achieve their goal of going home. Some don't go home, and it is a good feeling to bring a smile to their faces and do something to brighten their days. The worst part of my job is telling someone that their loved one has died. No matter what or how you say it, they will remember that moment for the rest of their lives. I try to tell them in the most compassionate way possible. Besides that it would have to be the hectic nature of the job. You are on your feet the entire shift, busy, everyone wants you at the same time, and that's why organization is so important." (2009)

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Career Tips

"Cover Your Behind Is Key To Making Yourself Successful In The Field...
cover your bases is the key in this field, you must be alert and notice things that others may not. Always ask questions, and be prepared to search for what you may need, life and death of a human being is first priority." (CNA; 2013)

"Compassion Is A Must...
The Baby boomers are all aging and there is a huge market for nursing in the senior citizen or geriatric division. Many seniors need loving, kind and compassionate people so be sure to only go into this field if you have compassion for people." (Nurse Assistant; 2013)

"Treat Patients As You Would Like To Be Treated...
Be organized! It will save you in the long run. Go for your R.N. As an RN, you have so many more opportunities than an LPN does. Buy the most comfortable shoes you can possibly afford, and the best stethoscope also. Buy a clipboard; you'll never lose your report sheet in someone's room with a big neon clipboard. Remember, a smile and kindness go a long way with your co-workers and patients. That patient could be you someday, so treat them as you would want to be treated. Always be honest and if you make a mistake, own up to it." (Nurse; 2009)