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Recovery Room Nurse: "The best part of my job is taking care of patients and making them feel better. I love the challenge of taking care of critically-ill patients and being able to apply my knowledge to promoting their welfare. The worst part is dealing with the politics of taking care of patients. Sometimes patients' families can be a real challenge but using people skills can really help diffuse a situation." (2010)

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Recovery Nurse

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"Get Real World Experience In Your Program...
Get lots of experience in real life adventures. Go to a program that gives you hands-on experience taking care of patients and in many different settings. Getting a degree in nursing is not always better than getting real-world experience and a hospital school can be a better place to learn than a purely academic environment. Going to a diploma program or getting an associate's degree can give you a chance to earn money and then go back to school for your BS." (Recovery Room Nurse; 2010)