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Biggest Surprises

"Gratifying Employment...
How much I really enjoyed working with the elderly. How interesting and fun they were to work for. I was happy to work with my coworkers to better the outcome with these patients." (Geriatrics; 2013)

Career: 10 years of experience, currently based in Pennsylvania, female
School: Studied Certified Nurses Aide at Riverstreet Manor Training in Pennsylvania; completed Certificate degree in 1997

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Registered Nurse: "The best part of my job is that you save a life or help someone that is quite ill. It is a great feeling to actually be instrumental in a life or death situation. The worst part of my job is that when it is very busy in the emergency dept., the patients and families get very frustrated about the wait and we are the first line, so we get the brunt end of their dissatisfaction. This wait has nothing to do with the nursing care they are getting, but it is frustrating for me as a nurse to be verbally accosted by a patient or family member if things do not progress as they feel things should." (2011)

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Career Tips

"Building Self Esteem For You And Your Patient...
Very rewarding" (Geriatrics; 2013)

"Give Yourself Time To Learn...
In preparation for a career in nursing, a candidate should start slowly and work up to the "perfect job". It is very overwhelming for the new nurse coming out of school to acclimate her/himself from school to actual patient care. Every nurse needs a good medical-surgical base. After 1-2 years, move upward to the position of choice. Don't EVER belittle a decision made by a senior nurse. If you feel her decision is questionable- ask another senior nurse for advise. Many new graduate nurses think they are a "wealth of knowledge"" (Registered Nurse; 2011)