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Biggest Surprises

"The Number Of People Who Steal...
Most people are surprised by the number of people who steal. A surprising number of individuals both employees and customers steal from retailers every day." (Asset Protection District Manager; 2013)

Career: 10 years of experience, currently based in Oregon, male
School: Studied Psychology at Western Oregon University in Oregon; completed Bachelor degree in 2007

"Unexpected Benefits...
What surprised me most about my profession is the level of respect I was given and other perks that I had access to. I do security for high level executives and as a result I am respected by all of my peers. I also am given access to things like free company dinners and events to bring the family to." (Executive Protection Officer; 2013)

Career: 5 years of experience, currently based in New York, male
School: Studied Homeland Security at Mercy College in New York; completed Bachelor degree in 2011

"Security Has Many Facets...
Most people are surprised that running security in the nations capital is complex. Every position is important. People checking briefcases at security checkpoints are equals to those in security stations, patrolling, and actually running protective units." (Police Officer; 2014)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in District of Columbia, male
School: Studied International Affairs at George Washington University in District of Columbia; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

"What surprised me most was how applicable the problem solving skills I learned as fine artist applied in my field as a security guard. Most difficulties I am sent to deal with involve having great communication skills, and the ability to think creatively quickly, These things I learned in the process of getting my B.A." (Security Guard; 2012)

Career: 5 years of experience, currently based in Indiana, female
School: Studied Fine Arts at University Of St. Francis in Indiana; completed Bachelor degree in 2006

Best & Worst Things About This Career

Security Console Supervisor: "The best part of the job is the satisfaction I get when an investigation leads to a positive outcome. If someone has a personal item stolen from his desk, for example, we take statements from people who may have been in the area when it occurred; isolate times when the item could have been taken; and try to determine who took it or if it was lost. Of course this is a very simplistic example, but the satisfaction of a successful investigation with a positive outcome can't be beat. The worst part of the job is the lull. As with all public service jobs, not every day has an emergency. So, when nothing is going on, it can seem like the day takes forever." (2009)

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Career Tips

"Be Astute...
If you want to be successful as a police and security officer, learn to be meticulous in everything. Train on recognizing patterns and be mindful that everything matters. This is critical in your studies. Treat everything as if it is life or death. Nothing is too small. Learn that every move you make can and will matter in the long run." (Police Officer; 2014)

"Be Calm Under Pressure...
If you would like to be a successful Executive Protection Officer either experience in law enforcement or upscale security is suggested. The ability to administer first aid and remain calm during crisis situations are also a necessity." (Executive Protection Officer; 2013)

"Pay Attention...
If you want to be a successful Asset Protection district manager you have to pay attention to detail. Paying attention to detail is very important to ensure that you don't overlook any significant aspect that could be causing your employer a loss." (Asset Protection District Manager; 2013)