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Flight Attendant: "There were so many wonderful parts of this job that I could write a book. Please know that this job as a flight attendant was post 911 and many things have changed now. It was a lot of fun! Going different places and being with the crew all together was like being with family on mini vacations. Meeting so many different people from all over the world in itself was amazing. Listening to passengers stories of why and where they were going was so enjoyable. Each person having a different story to tell. The worst part about this job was delays due to weather or a mechanical to the aircraft and having to wait. Also, irate passengers were never easy to deal with but we always tried to calm everyone once there was a problem. There were times when passengers were removed from the aircraft due to different circumstances. I was a witness to many disturbed people in the world. This job opened my eyes to a world I would have never known if I did not experience the job of a flight attendant and flying." (2011)

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"Shift Of Focus On Safety...
This career path has changed over the years since I was a flight crew member. I know the regulations have changed due to the high awareness and alert that is happening around the world for the airline industry. I do know from friends who still remain that it is still fun in many aspects but much more intense and detailed in the safety aspect. This all takes up more time and causes delays. My advice would be that if you are interested in making a flight career, to do your homework and learn about each and every airline. Know the rules, the pay and raises, the benefits, and the history when you go for an interview. If you are being interviewed by an airline professional than you will be equipped with information when they ask why you chose to the airline you did." (Flight Attendant; 2011)