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Rural Mail Carrier: "The best part is that being outdoors and driving the route is a nice experience. The worst part is that when the mail is late, or mis-addressed, the time spent on the route is increased and we must return any picked up mail from the rural boxes and get them to the mail truck, at the post office, by a specified time. It is difficult when the mail is late and the route is delayed to make the deadline. When the deadline is not met, we have to drive to Manchester in order to drop off the mail or packages." (2011)

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"First Days Are Tough...
The Post Office is a good career path to follow. You must pass a test in order to be eligible for the job and the first month or so is difficult while you learn the routes and routines. After the information is learned, the job becomes more comfortable and routine. The pay, benefits and vacation and sick time are fair - and the postmaster and union are helpful to the employees. My advice is to stick with the difficult first month or so and the job will pay off in the end." (Rural Mail Carrier; 2011)