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School Surprises

"Risk Of Trusting Services To Cooperate With Students...
I was very surprised that the student account services were so inflexible and unwilling to cooperate with me in order to resolve financial obstacles and reasonable accommodations. For example, I had been paying my costs dutifully for 3 years, yet the university still refused to cooperate with me when I needed a brief payment plan to round off one semester. I also found that their help desk was very impersonal and trite, lacking personality." (Audio transcriber; 2014)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in West Virginia, male
School: Studied Business-Economics at Liberty University Online in Virginia; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

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Audio Technician

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Best School Tips

"Do Not Fall Victim To The Lure Of Convenience...
Definitely clear out all distractions while you are studying; audio and visual distractions from the Internet and other tempting electronic sources tend to divert attention and erode self-discipline. Do not allow the convenience of modern society to arrest your attention; unlike in campus collegiate study, there is no immediate penalty for slacking, but there is a severe penalty for postponing work until not enough time remains to accomplish it." (Audio transcriber; 2014)