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School Surprises

"Working With Online Teams...
I was surprised to find out how hands off some of the instructors seemed to be at University of Phoenix Online. I have taken online courses at other schools and the instructors were always much more available than some of these instructors. There were definitely some great instructors though. I was also surprised to see the amount of work that is team based in the degree program. This was both a positive and negative for me. It gave me the opportunity to work with others, which was a plus but it also showed me that college, like the workplace is not always fair and sometimes some people end up doing more work than others but without receiving more recognition." (Senior Buyer; 2013)

Career: 6 years of experience, currently based in Florida, female
School: Studied Integrated Supply Chain And Operations Management at University Of Phoenix Online in Arizona in 2011

"Everyone's Online Even In Gainesville...
I was surprised that most students watch lectures online at UF. The reason is that they do not have enough seats in each classroom so even people who live on campus watch lectures online. The professors had excellent teachers lectures notes and I was not left wondering or asking questions about each lesson. The professors did a great job with online lectures and I didn't have any questions." (Buyer/Planner; 2014)

Career: 10 years of experience, currently based in Florida, female
School: Studied Business Management at University Of Florida in Florida; completed Bachelor degree in 2006

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Procurement Professional

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Best School Tips

"Emerson's Costumes...
Take really good notes about the Law Professor Emerson even what he wears to class, on the first test he asks a question about a costume he wore. He will let you use your text book on the exam but pay attention to how goofy he can be, he tests you about that." (Buyer/Planner; 2014)

"Communicating With Online Students, Professors, And Groups...
Spend as much time as you can on your projects and always be involved in the weekly class discussion boards. If you find people you work well with, try to keep up with them and request to be in the same group throughout your courses. A good team is very important in this school." (Senior Buyer; 2013)