Online History Degrees

Insider tips for choosing and succeeding in the right school and career

School Surprises

"Professors Eager To Help...
I was surprised how easily it was to get into the program. The professors were amazing and helped me so much with the online classes. They were very eager to meet me in person as well if I had any questions." (Historic Interpreter; 2014)

Career: 5 years of experience, currently based in Virginia, female
School: Studied History at University Of North Alabama in Alabama; completed Bachelor degree in 2012

"I Was Able To Learn In A Completely Different Form Than I Thought Possible...
I guess what surprised me the most was my ability to adapt to a teacherless environment. I did not know if I would be able to adhere to a strict schedule without a teacher physically in my presence." (Writer; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in Illinois, male
School: Studied English at Sauk Valley Community College in Illinois; completed Associate degree in 2011

Best School Tips

"Maintain Motivation To Succeed In Online Schooling...
If someone is interested in pursuing online schooling make sure that you have or can attain the type of discipline required to keep you motivated to finishing." (Writer; 2013)

Take advantage of getting to know what the professor wish. This will help in the future if you have questions about an online class." (Historic Interpreter; 2014)