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School Surprises

"The Best Online Program With A Personal Touch To For Success...
I'm was very surprised at how well they work with you to make sure you understand all concepts taught in each aspect of each graduate class. They make sure you don't fall behind, even though you are online. They make online classes a personal experience and make sure they know you even though you have just on a computer. The program did seem a little easy for a graduate degree, but it might have been because the instructors actually cared." (Nurse Administration; 2014)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in Texas, male
School: Studied Nursing at University Of Phoenix in Texas; completed Master degree in 2011

"Hands On Teachers...
I was surprised at how easy is way to get in contact with my professor. It enabled me to ask questions whenever they popped in my head as they check their email frequently." (Social Worker; 2013)

Career: 2 years of experience, currently based in New Jersey, male
School: Studied Psychology at Excelsior College in New York; completed Bachelor degree in 2011

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Best School Tips

"Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Placement Resources...
Keep up with the reading and don't fall behind, and try to get ahead of the reading schedule. Make sure you take advantage of career placement and advancement resources they have." (Nurse Administration; 2014)

"Online Doesn't Mean Its Easy...
Studying online offers a lot of convenience to someone who cant attend a traditional school. But keep in mind it is school and there will be work to be done." (Social Worker; 2013)