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School Surprises

"Less Effort Needed For Graduating...
I was surprised at the lack of effort needed for the degree. The low level of critical thinking and studying needed to accomplish the curriculum." (Veterinary Technician; 2013)

Career: 11 years of experience, currently based in Georgia, male
School: Studied Veterinary Technology at St. Petersburg College in Florida; completed Associate degree in 2010

"College For The Working Student...
I very much enjoyed my online college career. For something such as biology there were a lot of classes that required "labs" these were done by allowing the student to set up a controlled scenario for the lab and complete the task. The results would either be written and sent to the instructor or, for more hands on labs, you would video record yourself doing the lab and send the video to the instructor for grading. Another interesting thing about online classes is the ability to chat with other students in your program. As most of these schools cater to a working student the other students are all online at different, non conventional, times which surprisingly leads to more interaction between classmates. I found that online college worked for me because I could study at work or at home and generally could complete assignments and tests on my time." (Vet Tech; 2013)

Career: 1 years of experience, currently based in California, female
School: Studied Biology at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana; completed Bachelor degree in 2010

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Best School Tips

"Reliable Computer A Must...
To succeed in an online program I would recommend buying a reliable computer. I once lost an entire night of work because my computer blue screened on me and didn't save my work. I would also suggest saving your work often so that hopefully if something does happen you have a backup." (Vet Tech; 2013)

"Go To A Traditional Program...
Go to a non-online program or a traditional program. More ands on work is needed than can be provided online." (Veterinary Technician; 2013)