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School Surprises

"More Convenient Than I Thought It Would Be...
I was surprised both how easy and beneficial it was to work at my own pace. I had previously graduated from a traditional four year university, but due to a needed career change I was able to do some online courses though Cal State Sacramento. I loved how I was able to have the courses coincide with my day to day activities." (Wastewater Operator; 2014)

Career: , currently based in Washington, male
School: Studied Wastewater Certification at CalState Sacramento Distance Learning in California; completed Certificate degree in 2012

"Easy To Connect With Classmates...
I was surprised by the amount of group work that was involved, and by the fact that it was easy to coordinate with other classmates via the use of message boards, forums, live chats, etc. I believe prospective students wary about the lack of connection between classmates should consider that due to technology and the internet, it is not difficult to connect with fellow classmates if you use the right tools and educate yourself about how social networks, message boards, and chatting can be applied usefully outside of a social setting and in a scholarly manner to better connect students." (Analyst; 2013)

Career: 4 years of experience, currently based in Louisiana, male
School: Studied Information Technology at University Of Michigan in Michigan; completed Certificate degree in 2008

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Best School Tips

"Use Internet To Connect With Classmates...
Check out the message boards, chat room software, social networks, and other communication apparatuses provided by the professor. These can enhance your group work and make you feel more connected to your classmates and thus your class itself." (Analyst; 2013)

"Get A Job That Will Last A Lifetime...
I would recommend that anyone who wants a recession proof job enter into this field." (Wastewater Operator; 2014)