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School Surprises

"Great Interaction Between Students And Teachers...
What surprised me most about my online education was the high degree of interaction between the students and professors. Each course had a dedicated forum where students and instructors could discuss the material, seek help, or get feed back on their work. Students seemed more willing to engage in discussion because of how easy it was." (Geographic Information System Technician; 2014)

Career: 3 years of experience, currently based in Florida, male
School: Studied Geographic Information Systems at Penn State World Campus in Pennsylvania; completed Certificate degree in 2011

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Best School Tips

"Print Out Course Materials...
Some people find it difficult to study off of a computer monitor for long periods of time; a good tip is to print out the course material and study it like you would a book. This also allows you to highlight and mark the pages for reference. You can bring the printed out pages with you where ever you go and study in between other activities." (Geographic Information System Technician; 2014)