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School Surprises

"Rigorous Course Evaluation...
I think the most surprising thing is the rigorous of course evaluation in University of Phoenix. I first thought the exam should be easy to pass with minimal effort. But that is not true. The staff really care about what you can learn from the program. Instructors are very concerned to keep the quality of the graduates." (Project Manager; 2014)

Career: 3 years of experience, currently based in California, male
School: Studied Business at University Of Phoenix in California; completed Professional degree in 2011

"More Time-Consuming Than I Expected...
I was surprised how much time it took to complete the program. I spent probably 200 hours on reading, homework, and tests. I was also surprised how much interactivity was available in an online program, as there were very few online classes available when I completed my undergraduate degree." (Project Manager; 2014)

Career: 7 years of experience, currently based in Massachusetts, male
School: Studied Project Management at Boston University Corporate Education Group in Massachusetts; completed Certificate degree in 2012

"Ample Communication...
In my online course, we had people from all over the world. The interaction and experience from talking to people was incredible. Faculty was engaging and very thorough." (Project Manager; 2013)

Career: 10 years of experience, female
School: Studied Leadership - Information Tech at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania; completed Master degree in 2009

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Best School Tips

You get out of it what you put into it. The more discussions you take part in, the more likely you are to succeed." (Project Manager; 2013)

"Social With Your Online Peers...
Make full use of the online social tools to collaborate with your peers. Studying alone is not fun. You can learn more by communicating with your peers and instructors with online tools." (Project Manager; 2014)

"Concentrate On The Homework...
Take time to go through the homework problems. I breezed through some of them and did not learn as much as I could have." (Project Manager; 2014)