What Is This Info on InsideCareerInfo?

We have anonymously surveyed thousands of people currently working in hundreds of different careers. We have asked them to tell us candidly various things about their careers and the schools they attended, to help people considering their career to understand things that aren't obvious. This website contains their responses.

Career Surprises

What surprised people most about their jobs

Best and Worst

Best & worst things about each career


Advice for succeeding on the job

Surprises: Useful information often goes against our pre-conceived notions, such as the things which surprised people most about their careers. This info is very difficult to get without hands-on experience, and could help you avoid picking the wrong career.

Best and Worst: It's easier to imagine the day-to-day work of a job, but harder to understand the very best and worst aspects of the job. So we asked thousands of people to lay it all out for us.

Tips: We convinced working professionals to share with us the tips they would give to people considering their career. They gave us thousands of pieces of great insider advice.

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